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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week 90 Menu

If you’ve lived in New England, you know most of the eggs up there are brown.  Everywhere else I’ve lived they are generally white, but after living in Boston for four years, I really came to appreciate brown eggs.

Are they better, you may be wondering?  An egg’s an egg, right?  WRONG.  The brown shells seem stronger to me, so they make for a cleaner CRACK!  Plus, they’re beautiful, and I like it when my food is beautiful. The other day I picked up a dozen brown eggs and (this will sound cheesy!) I really enjoyed having them this week!

Chicken parmesan (recipe feature to come!)
– Whole wheat penne
– Spinach salad with pears

– Some kind of meat on the grill (probably pork chops)
– Broccoli
– Wild rice

– Leftovers

Spinach & Prosciutto Lasagna
– Salad & whole wheat french bread

– Thai Chicken Pizza (recipe feature to come!)

– Eat out

Green Noodles
– Whole wheat french bread
– Salad

Okay, I’ve fessed up…now it’s your turn!  What’s on your menu this week?


  1. I have loved checking in on your blog. You have the coolest, healthiest taste ever. I love Trader Joe’s so thanks for your great blog of ideas!

  2. I can’t wait for the Thai chicken recipe! Is it anything like the Thai pizza at CPK?

    Monday: Crock Pot Pork

    Tuesday: “Fend for yourself” night

    Wednesday: Chris’s Birthday! Oven roasted salmon with mango salsa with crusty bread, lemon ice cream and cake (maybe I’ll have to try the chocolate ganache)

    Thursday: Leftovers

    Friday: Beef Laab (Jane can I snag some of your lemongrass?)

    Saturday: Out

    Sunday: Roasted vegetables and Natalee’s Squash soup

  3. 3

    Hi Jane! A new friend of mine just told me she knows you from southern Cal. Her name’s Angelica (she and her husband are from Sweden). They just moved up here to the peninsula. I told her I feel like I know you since I read your blog so much! Anyway, here’s what on the menu this week…

    Monday: chicken enchilada soup (
    Tues: grilled Cajun chicken/avocado wraps
    Wed: chili
    Fri: an imitation of the Frontega panini at Panera (mozzarella, chicken, tomatoes, basil, chipotle mayo)
    Sat: eat out!

  4. Sun: Meat loaf, twice baked potatoes, layered salad, and apple dumplings

    Mon: Curried chicken and rice

    Tues: 15 bean soup and cornbread

    Wed: Pizza Salad and TJ’s herbed cheese bread

    Thurs: Tomato soup and sourdough grilled cheese sammies

    Fri: Chicken Teriyaki with fried rice and veggies

    Sat: out

    …on Friday, I finally made the recipe that has been on my menu for weeks and weeks (Pasta with roasted red pepper cream sauce). It sounded delish, but it was just OK. And now I know. Did you make yours? I don’t see it on this weeks menu, that’s a good sign…

  5. 5

    A light week in the kitchen for me this week…
    Monday-Dinner at a friend’s house
    Tuesday-Chicken squares, green beans
    Wednesday-Chili, salad, peasant bread
    Thursday-Cheddar Lentil Casserole, salad
    Friday- Leftovers
    Saturday and Sunday- out of town

  6. 6

    This week is a very pasta-filled week…

    Tonight: Noodles & Co because we have somewhere to be afterwards
    Tues.: fettuccine alla carbonara
    Wed.: creamy pesto chicken with red peppers & pasta
    Thurs.: crock-pot creamy chicken with white rice
    Fri.: easy zesty chicken & pasta with broccoli & red peppers
    Sat.: out
    Sun.: “pink sauce” chicken with pasta & broccoli

  7. Back from vacation and in denial that I can’t just call room service or walk to the Lido deck for whatever I feel like.

    -Bean, Corn and Tortilla Salad

    -Chicken Enchiladas with Creamy Green Sauce
    -Cilantro Lime Rice

    -Penne w/ Ricotta and Peas

    -Going Out

    -Hmmm, Soup? Pizza? We’ll see!

  8. 8

    Jane – Not only did you miss out on years of eating brown eggs, but you also missed out on the brown eggs jingle: “Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh!” My kids always make me sing it when I pull out brown eggs. My husband can’t believe he married a dork who can remember a jingle she hasn’t heard in more than twenty years!

  9. 9

    I made the spinach and prosciutto lasagna last week Jane. It’s awesome. So easy and really, really yummy.

  10. 10
    Jen Schulte

    I am back from traveling so can actualy plan a menu!

    Monday – leftover roast beef sandwiches on crusty bread, (made a roast in the crock pot over the weekend, yum), green beans

    Tuesday – leftover chili, crusty bread (leftovers are a theme – I really cooked up a storm this weekend! The weather has been warm but I got into ‘fall comfort food’ mode.)

    Wednesday – smoked sausage, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes

    Thursday – quick pasta, red sauce, salad

    Friday – leaving on a road trip for the weekend!

  11. 11
    Jane Maynard

    so many comments to respond to. first off, zana, you are too sweet – thank you!

    melissa – yeah, it’s like CPK, I think…I’ll compare ‘recipes’ when I put the post up!

    erica – small world! seriously, so small!!! 🙂 I will be in touch with angelica for sure.

    candice…you know my secret. shhhhh.

    catherine – me too! after I hit “publish” I realied there was lots of pasta. oh well, it’ll be yummy!

    amanda – that is so funny.

    adrianne – I’m so glad you posted this comment, b/c I was going to link to that recipe and I had forgotten. I’m so glad you tried it and it was a success – can’t wait!

    well, I’ve almost commented on everyone’s comments, so let’s just finish up!
    kate – I love light weeks in the kitchen!!

    jessica and jen – welcome home to both of you!

    wow, that was a long comment. if you haven’t posted a menu yet, or have a comment, please do! 🙂

  12. 12

    I grew up in Rhode Island and firm in the knowledge that brown eggs ARE local eggs and local eggs are fresh. That song goes through my head every time I see brown eggs. Keep the Trader Joe’s love coming…our family works for TJ’s in states from CA to NJ.

  13. I love brown eggs too – mainly for thier beauty and they seem somehow more “natural.” I like your menu ideas – great blog! Here are a few meals I’ve got planned for the week:

    1. Turkey & Roasted Red Pepper Meatloaf with Mixed Greens and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    2. Cheddar & Onion Pierogi with Roasted Acorn Squash and Sauteed Cabbage & Apples

    3. Vegetarian 3-Bean Chili with Avocado Slices & Pumpkin-Corn Muffins

    4. Your Thai Chicken Pizza

  14. I love brown eggs – white eggs just don’t seem right to me – probably because I grew up in France.

    I just launched a new weekly feature on my blog called Tasty Tuesday – come on over and leave a comment and I’ll give you some link love in next week’s Tasty Tuesday.

    Here’s our menu – you can see when my cooking efforts wane:
    Monday – Skirt Steak with steamed peas
    Tuesday – Pan Roasted Chicken with lemon parsley sauce and roasted sweet potatoes
    Wednesday – Pork roast with apples and carrots
    Thursday – something easy like a quick pasta
    Friday – eat out in NYC
    Saturday – eat out date night with hubby
    Sunday – take out chinese!

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