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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 91 Menu

Have you had these new Quaker protein granola bars?  Basically they’re peanut butter granola bars (hence the extra protein) and I’m addicted.  Just another “shouldn’t buy it ’cause I’ll eat it uncontrollably” item to add to the shopping list. 😉 They have lots of protein, not too much sugar and there’s fiber in there too, so I’m good if I eat a few boxes, right?

If you are relatively new to the blog I want to make sure you know that it is awesome when you comment and leave menus, recipes, whatever!  Please post your menus!  They don’t have to be fancy.  They don’t have to be detailed. You never know what might inspire someone else in their planning, so please share!

I have two repeats from last week because I forgot about a couple parties we had last week at dinner time.  I love it when that happens!

Spinach & Prosciutto Lasagna
– Salad & whole wheat french bread

– Thai Chicken Pizza (recipe feature to come!)

– Chicken Piccata (I have a recipe on the main dishes recipes page, but I might be modifying it this week…will fill you all in if I do)
– Mashed Potatoes
– Broccolini

– Leftovers

– A warm salad dish that my friend Natalee was telling me about…I’ll get the recipe and share it with you soon!

– Eat out

– Quiche
– Whole wheat french bread
– Salad

Your turn!


  1. 1

    Ok here is this weeks will probably change like it does almost every week….

    Monday-spaghetti with bolognese, salad

    Tuesday-chicken enchiladas, homemade refried beans

    Wednesday-chicken & wild rice soup, whole wheat crusty bread

    Thursday-take out pizza from favorite local shop

    Friday-pasta carbonara or homemade turkey sloppy joes

    Saturday–out for a party

    Sunday-take out chinese???

  2. Monday:
    -Baked Ziti

    -White Bean & Collard Greens Minestrone
    -Sourdough Toast

    -Going out

    -Mashed Potatoes
    -Green Beans

    -Who knows!

  3. Monday – spaghetti

    Tuesday – some sort of crock pot soup, the jury is still out on this one

    Wednesday – Coconut curry

    Thursday – Potato au gratin and a green salad

    Friday – Homemade Pizza & more green salad

    Weekends a la husband

  4. Monday:
    Garlic Rosemary Roast Chicken, Potatoes and Corn on the Cob. Was going to do something different this week, but my husband asked for this instead.

    Tarragon Mushroom Chicken and Zucchini

    Super Nacho

    Spaghetti and Green Beans

    Black Bean Soup and Cheese Crisps

    Breakfast for Dinner

    Left Overs

  5. 5

    Monday-Chicken Bruschetta Bake, Green Beans
    Tuesday-Green Tortilla Soup vegetarian style
    Wednesday-Eggplant Curry, brown rice
    Thursday-Creamy Chicken Apple Chili, homemade bread, salad
    Friday-Lentil tacos, spanish rice
    Saturday-Baked Potato Soup, salad
    Sunday-left overs and/or snacks watching football

  6. Most of the time I wing it through the week’s meals and end up making ump-teen annoying trips to the grocery store. But every once in a while I get all plan-y and actually make a grocery list AND meal plan for the week. This is one of those weeks, so I thought I’d share.

    Sausage & Peppers
    Creamy Polenta

    Mixed Green Salad

    Roasted Salmon with Pomegranate sauce
    Roasted potatoes and zucchini

    Roasted Salmon Frittata
    spinach salad

    Slow cooker Chicken Curry and Chickpeas
    Brown Rice

    Halloween Party with friends

    Wing it with leftovers or go out

  7. 7

    Monday: -Honey crisp chicken over steamed rice (new recipe to try); lettuce wraps
    Tuesday: Beef stroganoff over egg noodles; sauteed green beans
    Wednesday: Homemade cheese enchilladas, w/ refried beans & rice from our favorite Salvadorean restaurant
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Burgers on the grill and baked garlic fries; fresh fruit salad

  8. 8

    Monday: Apple Cinnamon Pancakes with Scrambled Egg Whites
    Tuesday: Out with friends
    Wednesday: Salsa Chicken Tacos and Black Beans
    Thursday: Brolied Salmon and Green Salad
    Friday: Halloween Party and Trunk R Treat!
    Saturday/Sunday: whatever goes!

    **Rebecca: can you post your Crock Pot Chicken Curry and Chickpea recipe…that sounds YUMMY!**

  9. Sunday: Cubed Pork Steaks, mashed potatoes, peas

    Monday: Black Bean Enchiladas, fresh pineapple

    Tuesday: Book Club for me (yay for margaritas!), so husband will be having leftovers from Sunday- minus peas, plus broccoli

    Wednesday: Out

    Thursday: Leftover Enchiladas

    Friday: Usually homemade pizza but we have company this week so I will be making pasta shells stuffed with pears and asiago cheese in a light red sauce, and some kind of chicken and bread and salad

    I am totally looking forward to that Thai Chicken Pizza recipe… I will have to make it next Friday!

  10. 10

    Monday- shrimp and leek risotto

    Tuesday- beets w/ dilled cucumber salsa and sweet pepper and celery soup

    Wednesday- spinach and prosciutto lasagna

    Thursday- au gratin cabbage and canned soup

    Friday- chili and pie

    Saturday- ravioli and a trip to red mango

    Sunday- roast w/ potatoes and carrots and green jello salad!

  11. 11

    Mon: lasagna
    Tues: guacamole burgers, grilled asparagus, key lime pie (We’ve got company coming)
    Wed: your Asian Spinach Salad
    Thurs: BBQ chicken pizza
    Fri: taco salad
    Sat: eat out!

  12. 12

    Kelly. WRT the Chicken Curry Slow Cooker recipe, the last time I made it I totally made it up, so I will pay attention to quantities as I make it this week, make any adjustments, and hopefully develop a proper recipe to share. I can tell you what I bought at the grocery store to put throw in the slow cooker:

    1 pkg of boneless, skinless chicken thighs
    1 can of coconut milk
    1 can of chicken stock
    1 bottle of Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste
    I will probably throw in a cinnamon stick, some cayenne, salt, corriander, and additional water

  13. 13

    Not in order:
    Beef Stew with tons of different vegies including cabbage, sweet potato, peas, corn, carrots, onions, mushrooms, potatoes and dumplings on top.
    Eat out – Gloria’s Little Italy
    Potage – Potato, carrot onion pureed soup
    Grilled Steak, grilled peppers, grilled potato salad (yum)
    pureed squash (from the garden)
    Invited to Dinner – should be Brazilian food, I made pao de mel (honey bread) sort of a gingerbread mini cake covered in chocolate. I will take for dessert…an experiment as I am trying to find a good recipe and my first try was a total failure.
    I made whole wheat bread this week with white wheat…I grind my own and use gluten flour and a little vitamin C. The bread is so beautiful and light and fluffy – especially for whole wheat. I just started doing this bread about 2 months ago and it has been awesome! Too much meat this week.

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