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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 96 Menu…Thanksgiving Here We Come!

Clementines are on sale…the holidays are here!  Yea!

Be sure to check in the next three days for some serious Thanksgiving planning and cooking!

– Kitchen Sink Quesadillas
– Guacamole & Chips

– Waffles

– Leftovers

– Pizza? Just kidding…


Time for your menus!  And, if you’d like to share or see Thanksgiving menus, click here!


  1. 1
    anne marie

    okay”¦i’ve been waiting for weekly dinner posting and i’m just mine now b/c i’m in bed in 1 hr.
    mon: chicken apple salad w/nf feta, cranberries and tamari dressing, w/whole wheat bread
    Tues: salmon baked in filo dough w/ broccoli and rice
    Weds: Carrot fennel soup (recipe to try from gourmet mag) w/fun bread
    Thurs: Turkey day at my mom in laws. I LOVE the recipes from gourmet mag for turkey day this year!
    Fri: leftovers w/ newly stir fried brussel sprouts
    Sat: leftovers w/ cranberry pineapple salsa (again from gourmet mag)
    Sun: leftovers w/ french onion soup

  2. 2

    Monday – Spinach Lasagna
    Tuesday – Leftovers
    Wednesday – Road Food
    Thursday – Heaven
    Friday – Turkey Carcass Soup
    Saturday – Turkey Sandwiches
    Sunday – Road Food

  3. 3

    Hi I am new to your blog and I just wanted to say how much I’m loving it

  4. Hmmmm
    my previous week menu, sorry I do not plan for the umcoming one, as there is always change of plans…
    Monday – stuffed chicken breast with brocolli and steamed vegetables with some slice of cheese on the top
    Tuesday – corn on the cob, fried chicken nuggets, oven prepared chips
    Wednesday – Baked cod in crumbs, rice with tomato sauce and cooked vegetables
    Thursday – Spaghetti bolognese, but with dominacy of vegetables
    Friday – pizza (I am bad girl sometimes)
    Saturday – Spaghetti from Thursday 😉
    Sunday – stir fried vegetables with rice

  5. We bought our first box of clementines last night! This week will consist of leftovers from last nights early Thanksgiving feast, leftovers from the depths of the freezer, grilled cheese, fish & chips, etc. I’ll be on baking duty- making lots of cookies. And we’ll be busy trying to buy our first house, so not much time for cooking this week!

  6. 6
    samantha from maine

    Monday – Clam Cassserole (just like Grammie used to make)
    Tuesday – Moussaka
    Wednesday – Beef Stew
    Thursday – Thankgiving dinner at Auntie’s
    Friday – Thanksgiving dinner at home – turkey, stuffing, squash, peas, cranberry jelly, right out of the can.
    Saturday – Pampered Chef Turkey Ring
    Sunday – Turkey Tetrazini

    Turkey coma cometh…

  7. 7
    Jen Schulte

    Hi Jane, and Hi (soon) to your Mom!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week with your family.

    I LOVE Clementines, I have one on my desk right now to eat for my morning snack. We’ve been through 2 of those little wood boxes already. They are just so yummy!

    This week …
    Monday – spaghetti & meatballs, salad
    Tuesday – leftovers from this weekend (we made stuffed pork chops)
    Wednesday – leftover meatballs turned into meatball parm sandwiches
    Thursday – Gobble Gobble! Traditional Thanksgiving but not at my house so I don’t get the leftovers sadly.
    Friday – probably pizza
    Saturday – some kind of chicken!

  8. Monday:
    Tuscan Chicken and Spinach

    Macaroni and Cheese and peas

    Chicken Casserole and Green Beans

    Thanksgiving hooray!!!

    Friday-Sunday: Left Overs

  9. 9

    A light week around our house since we are travelling for Thanksgiving.

    Monday-Green Chicken Tortilla Soup
    Tuesday-Clean out the fridge night!
    Wednesday-Spaghetti and Meatballs, salad, garlic bread
    Thurday-Turkey and all the trimmings
    Saturday-Pizza for a crowd
    Sunday-on the road

  10. 10

    Finalized my Thanksgiving desserts:
    traditional pumpkin pie
    pumpkin eggnog pie
    cranberry pecan pie
    banana cream pie
    Maple-Cream Apple pie

    One question Jane (or Phyllis): How many does the cranberry slush recipe serve?

  11. 11
    Jane Maynard

    well, we’re not sure…we’re estimating about 25 6-oz servings. 🙂

  12. 12

    I have been totally mia from the planned cooking realm recently. My husband has actually gotten used to making his own PB&J sandwiches for dinner. NO MORE!!! This week is time for a change. . .

    Gaeng Kiow Wahn Gai (Green Chicken Curry–from a book that my Thai/American friend strongly suggested I get)

    Beef Laab (Maybe I’m obsessed with Thai food. MAYBE.)

    Pesto Pea Salad with Chicken

    Thanksgiving with the Davies family!! I don’t know if it gets any better than this.


  13. Thanks for all the Thanksgiving tips and the pictures of Extraordinary Desserts(makes me miss my college days). Here’s our week.

    Monday – Thanksgiving (it’s a national holiday over here in Japan, we take Turkey when we can get it)

    Tuesday – Spaghetti

    Wednesday – Potato Soup with salad and left over rolls

    Thursday – Chicken/turkey pot pie

    Friday – stuffed peppers

    as always weekends a la hubby

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