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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kimball Farm and Beautiful New Hampshire

As you know from my non-existent weekly menus, we are on a multi-week trip visiting our family in the Northeast! We started our trip in New Hampshire and I wanted to share a little of the fun we had in that beautiful place.

To start, well, you know, when in Rome…

new hampshire maple syrup from @janemaynard

Pat, my mother-in-law, got a good deal on a ONE GALLON JUG of maple syrup so she had to buy it. I just wish I could take some on the plane with me! Owen was hilarious when we took pictures of him with the bottle (don’t worry, he had a diaper on!), but when we actually let him stick a straw in the bottle to drink, he refused. Shocking, I tell you.

kimball farm by @janemaynard

For dinner one night we visited Kimball Farm in Jaffrey, NH and thoroughly gorged ourselves. For you New Englanders out there you’ve probably been to Kimball’s already and know just how yummy it is. We ordered quite the assortment of food, including to-die-for fish and chips, lobster roll, clam chowder, and onion nuggets. And, of course, NO salad.

kimball farm by @janemaynard

kimball farm by @janemaynard

kimball farm by @janemaynard

We ended the night with Kimball’s homemade ice cream. See that there cone? That is the smallest size you can order. For a little perspective, that is a giant waffle cone being held by Nate. Ice cream insanity!

kimball farm by @janemaynard

Another day we returned to Hillsborough Center to show Nate how beautifully magical this little village is. And to give Cate a chance to properly leap over puddles.

hillsborough center by @janemaynard

hillsborough center

On a side note, we are loving the Highlander Hybrid that Toyota lent to us for the trip. It’s sooooo nice having a big car that gets almost 30 miles to the gallon, especially since we’ve already driven almost 1,000 miles! Plus, it’s just a really nice car. Nate’s great aunt couldn’t get over it, in fact. And it drives so quietly and smoothly. Basically, we’re taking it on the plane home with us.

toyota highlander hybrid by @janemaynard



  1. Can you take some syrup in a ziploc bag on the plane?!?

  2. 3
    Rachel U

    All that fried food looks SO good. and I want to eat that ice cream cone out of the screen!

  3. I have always wanted to try a lobster roll and that one is now the new standard for what I need to try!

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