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eat well. heal the planet.

I’ve always been an idealist. I believe that humans are good and that we can make a difference if we put our minds to it.

One day I happened upon the documentary The Botany of Desire on PBS. For the first time it really made sense why the way we eat is hurting Mother Earth. I’ve read and watched a lot of other “stuff” over the years, further learning about our food system and becoming more concerned about the path that our society is currently on. When I read Food Matters by Mark Bittman, I decided to make a real change in my own life to try to get off that path.

So much of what we do in the kitchen and at mealtime impacts the environment. Each year I’ve decided to choose a resolution that can impact the environment in a positive way by changing what I do with the food we eat. I truly believe if we all make small, gradual changes, we can make a difference and forge a new path that will both nourish ourselves and Mother Earth.

2010 New Year’s Resolution: Eat Less Meat
For my first resolution I decided to cut back on meat. Meat production takes a major toll on our beautiful planet and we are demanding more and more meat per capita than we ever have before. Even if we all switched to pasture-raised meat, there wouldn’t be enough land to raise the amount of meat we are demanding. Simply put, we’re eating too much meat and it’s not sustainable. I decided to cut back on meat in general and to be more thoughtful about the meat our family does eat. Click here to read more about my personal Eat Less Meat challenge.

2011 New Year’s Resolution: Eat More Veggies (Join a CSA)
For 2011, I focused on eating more locally-produced food and eating it in season, thereby reducing the resources needed to produce and deliver our food. Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to get on the path to eating locally and seasonally. In 2011, our family joined a CSA for the first timeClick here to read more about our CSA experience.

2012 New Year’s Resolution: Use Less Plastic
This year our family is going to use less plastic, both to positively impact Mother Earth and to improve our own health. Click here to read the kick off post and I will be sure to keep you updated on our progress!

2013 New Year’s Resolution: Use Less Plastic, Take Two!
So, 2012 didn’t quite go as planned, so we’re giving this goal another go in 2013! I’m starting small, with just a few specific goals. Click here to read the kick off post for 2013.

2014 New Year’s Resolution: Use Less Plastic (Again!)
2013 went quite well with the Use Less Plastic goal, so I want to keep at it! Here is the post kicking off this years efforts.

2015 New Year’s Resolution: No More Paper Towels
As an extension of our goals to reduce the use of disposable items like one-time-use plastic and napkins, this year our family is cutting the paper towel cord. Click here for the kick off post!

2016 New Year's Resolution: Waste Less Food | Reduce Food Waste and Compost at @janemaynard

2016 New Year’s Resolution: Waste Less Food
This year it’s all about reducing food waste, including composting in our home. Click here for the kick off post!


2017 New Year’s Resolution: Cook More!
This year I am really focusing on cooking more at home, to not only help Mother Earth but to also feed our family better and more deliciously! Click here for the kick off post!

2018 New Year’s Resolution: Learn How to Can Food
Confession: I have always been afraid of canning. This year I am overcoming my fears and learning how! Click here for the kick off post!