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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why You Need Melamine Serving Trays and Platters

Until a few years ago I had zero serving trays or platters to my name. For some reason, I didn’t get any as wedding gifts and then never thought to buy any. I finally acquired a few white ceramic serving platters. They’re nice and all but, honestly, I hardly ever use them. They just aren’t very versatile and are too heavey for easy, everyday use. And, even with those few platters, I still didn’t own any actual trays.

montecito melamine serving trays from q squared nyc by @janemaynard

montecito melamine serving trays by q squared nyc by @janemaynard

montecito melamine serving trays by q squared nyc by @janemaynardThe trays pictured above are from Q Squared NYC’s Montecito line. These are the trays we probably use the most. Nate was especially happy on Mother’s Day when they had a tray to bring me breakfast in bed!

A few months ago when I started working with Q Squared NYC, they sent me several serving trays and platters. Suddenly I was flush with melamine serving trays in different sizes and shapes, and every last one of them was completely adorable.

kids' melamine serving trays by q squared nyc by @janemaynard

kids' melamine serving trays by q squared nyc by @janemaynardThese fun kids serving trays have come in especially handy for snack time during playdates! My kids think they’re super cute and I don’t have to worry about anyone breaking anything!

When I first discovered Q Squared, I was mostly excited about their dishes and flatware. Little did I know my most favorite items would be the serving trays! The longer I have them, the more I realize how much I was missing out all these years. They come in handy all the time, both for everyday use and when entertaining. I really love that they are made of melamine. The trays and platters are so much lighter than something made from ceramic, so I actually pull them out all the time. They’re easy to carry and perfect for taking outside. Basically, I can’t live without them now!

heritage melamine serving trays by q squared nyc by @janemaynard

heritage melamine serving platter by q squared nyc by @janemaynardThis serving platter is from the beautiful Heritage line. 

If you don’t have any melamine serving trays or platters, I highly recommend getting one (or two or three!).

montecito melamine serving platters by q squared nyc by @janemaynardMore from the Montecito line, this time the serving platters.

Three cheers for serving trays! Hip, hip, hooray! (Yeah, I’m a little crazy, but I really am in love!)

This post was sponsored by Q Squared NYC. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. IKEA is a great place to find these trays. I’m not a huge Wal-Mart fan…but I have to admit that they have a great collections of melamine trays and dinner ware right now. Just got a nice big tray for $9

  2. 2

    I LOVE melanine! but the few pieces I have aren’t nearly as awesome looking as yours! Beautiful!

  3. Love the bright colors and patterns. Such a fun way to brighten up a party.

  4. 4
    debbie rough

    i love my serving tray!!!

  5. 5
    Rachel U

    Love these!! I’ll have to check them out.

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