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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I DARE you to make Meal Planning a New Year’s Resolution (random giveaway and a free download to help you get started!)

This giveaway is now closed. But this post is full of great info…plus a free meal planner download. So keep reading!

I don’t bug you very often about meal planning. I figure if you want to do it, you will. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

However, every January I can’t help but plug meal planning as a great new year’s resolution. Here are a few quick reasons why I think you should start {or continue} meal planning:

  • Because I said so. Isn’t that enough?
  • It will save you money.
  • Weekly meal planning = less trips to the grocery store = a happier life
  • It only takes a few minutes. I SWEAR. Especially if you visit a certain helpful website each week to get ideas from…
  • You will no longer be stressed when dinnertime rolls around.

For those of you who are thinking, “I’m not organized like that.” Don’t forget, I am NOT all that organized myself.Β  The only reason I get a meal plan done every week is because of this here blog. If I can do it, anyone can! And there are no rules when it comes to meal planning…don’t stress yourself out about it, just find a system that works for you.

Now that I’m done lecturing, on to the fun stuff!

Fun Thing #1: Whoops Bunny is giving away a Weekly Menu Planner & Shopping List, with a matching set of pencils. They are SUPER cute and come with a handy magnetic strip, so you can easily stick your meal plan to the fridge. To enter for your chance to win the set, just add a comment to this post by Midnight PT on Monday, January 11th.

whoops bunny web

Fun Thing #2: Ollibird has really cute meal planners that you print out and put in a frame. You then write your meal plan on the glass with wet or dry erase markers, which clean off easily week to week. You can find this design and this design at their etsy shop that you can download for $10.00 each. And…lucky you…Ollibird is providing a free download for the design you see below! Aren’t they the sweetest?

Here’s how to download and print this beautiful menu planner:

scribble menu copy web copy

  • Click on the image above. Save image to your computer. Dimensions are 19.625″ x 15.75″ but image can easily be cropped to most other standard dimensions. As is, the image will fit well in an Ikea Ribba frame.
  • To print the large image, try a printer such as Kinkos, which should be a little less than $10.

Now that you have all these wonderful options for writing your menu plans, no excuses! And I hope to see your menus posted here on This Week for Dinner each week! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I love reading your menus!

One last thing…you don’t have to commit to meal planning as a resolution to enter the Whoops Bunny giveaway. Please, post a comment regardless! Although…the random number generator might look favorably on those who take the meal planning plunge. (Okay, maybe not…but it’s a nice thought!)

BIG THANKS to Whoops Bunny and Ollibird for making this year’s meal planning post the best ever!


  1. 1

    I’ve got a meal planning pad that I’ll admit to NOT using as often as I should. But the weeks when I do? Rock. These are some of the cutest ones I’ve ever seen — so great!

  2. 2
    Amy Duke

    Cool! Thanks, Jane

  3. 3

    I am really into meal planning. Love it.

    This would be great!


  4. 4

    Pick me!

  5. 5

    Without any arm-twisting from you, Jane, meal planning is actually one of our New Year Resolutions. That, and cutting down on sweets (shocker!). Hoping to win these helpful tools to get it done! =)

  6. 6
    Colleen Sanders

    I really try but maybe this will mean success!

  7. 7
    Jenny W.

    me me..pick me! I think this would be great! Amy and I would eat like queens.

  8. 8
    Brittany Riesenberg


  9. 9

    looks like a handy idea, I’d love one!

  10. 10

    These are great! Thanks for finding them!!

  11. Meal planning is tough when you’re a busy single gal like me. πŸ™‚ I love your giveaways though!!

  12. 13

    I’ve started meal planning about a thousand times and it has yet to stick. Maybe this would help. I hope I win.

  13. 14

    One of my resolutions IS meal planning πŸ™‚ How perfect! And I can use all of the help I can get! lol

  14. 15

    I agree with all your reasons to meal plan! Why in the world is it soo hard to stick to? I’m going to give it a valiant effort though…maybe some encouragement by winning a giveaway will give me a boost! πŸ˜‰

  15. 16
    Betsy Y

    I have been meal planning for a full year now. I don’t know how I did it before. Thanks for the help over the past year.

  16. I need all the help I can get! HEEEEEELP!

  17. 19
    Katie B

    I’m really trying to do a better job of meal planning! It really does make me less stressed, and I think I eat healthier when I have a plan too.

  18. Meal planning sounds hard at first, but I feel pretty in-control and proud of myself when we actually eat the meals that were planned from the beginning. And, little organizers are always a motivator! πŸ™‚

  19. 21

    If I win I can stop putting post-it notes all over the kitchen!

  20. 22
    Amy Cook in WI

    First time I saw your blog…I would love to win the planning pad!

    I like your ideas and will come here often for my menu planning.

  21. 24

    I meal plan every week or I can’t stand going to the grocery store. Sticking to the meal plan, however… that’s a totally different beast!

  22. 25
    Mary Ann Hansen

    I always think I’ll do it but never get around to it. Maybe this would help.

  23. I had already decided to make meal planning a resolution this year, I am so glad that you are offering a giveaway. I enjoy reading your blog every week!

  24. 27

    Menu planning is a MUST. This year I’m hoping to plan a little better when it comes to the sweet treats for my blog!

  25. 28

    Love to plan! Meals and everything else πŸ™‚

  26. 29

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. 30
    katie rivera

    i’ve been trying really hard to plan meals for the week…it makes it so much easier to eat out less!

  28. 31

    We spent New Year’s Eve with good friends and she had that EXACT meal planner! I was SO jealous!! Would love love love this!

  29. I love this idea….This is one of my goals for 2010!

  30. 34

    such cute tools! hope i win so i can plan a little bit better! <3 happy new year!

  31. 35

    I’m game to give it a try.

  32. Love it! I’m going to tell peeps to get on over here and check it out! Thanks;)

  33. 37

    Adorable! Hopefully I’ll be motivated to plan more and be lazy less. πŸ™‚

  34. 38

    I already meal plan some weeks and those weeks definitely go better than when I don’t.

  35. 39

    OK – I *did* start meal planning in 2010, thanks to your blog that is so inspiring. How’s the first week going? Let’s just say that the new year started out with a BANG! My crockpot, that is (or should I say WAS)! Two of my meals this week were crock-pot dependent and the handle broke off of it as I was retrieving it from the basement. I had to scramble to think of 2 last minute meals. I am more disappointed that my weekly meal plan didn’t work out than I am about my crockpot breaking into a million pieces! I’m looking forward to having another go at it!

  36. 40

    I need all the help I can get!

  37. 41

    I menu plan, but maybe I’ll look forward to it if I win!

  38. 42

    I started meal planning last year thanks to TWFD and I have saved soooo much money by only making one weekly trip to the grocery store. Thanks!

  39. 43

    Thank you for the giveaway! I have been trying to do meal plans for a short time now. This month & last I have been following blogger advice of “eat from the freezer/pantry” before doing any shopping. So far so good. This week’s grocery supplies will run me about $20.

  40. 44

    I try to meal plan every week but sometimes I get lazy! I am doing better in the new year. One week in..ha!

  41. 45

    I really need to start doing this and could definitely use the help.

  42. 46

    Oh goodness! This would certainly be a fun thing to help motivate me to keep planning meals every Monday morning! I would love love love to win!

  43. 47

    love it – need it!

  44. 48
    Tiffany D.

    I keep meaning to start meal planning. This might actually get me to do it!

  45. 49
    Amy Fago

    I could TOTALLY use this!!!! So Perfect! Happy New Years!!

  46. 50

    This would be so fun!

  47. I am not very good at preplanning for the week, but do like to keep track of successful dinners. I LOVE the dry, erase download idea! I can write the meals on there as I cook them and then at the end of the week, note the best of the week. Great idea! This would also be a good place to write down recipes I find in magazines or on blogs that I want to try. Sometimes I put the magazine away and forget about it. This would be a great visual reminder. Thanks!

  48. 52

    I usually meal plan somewhat, but I need to get better at it. That planner would work so much better than my post-it note fridge reminders!!

  49. 53

    love it! and you know I love you too Jane!

  50. 54

    I’ve got to start planning like this. In addition to making life easier and saving money, I am hoping it will encourage us to eat healthier.

  51. This is so fun! I love the idea of the framed picture with dry erase markers. every week I throw away a sheet of paper with our menu/grocery list. Plus…it is super CUTE!

  52. 56
    Jen McDonald

    I have to say that meal planning is NOT my favorite thing to do. But maybe I’d like it more if I had cute paper to plan with. πŸ™‚

  53. I love giveaways! cute meal planner πŸ™‚

  54. 58

    I NEVER used to meal plan…. then I became a 40-something college student (majoring in the culinary arts, nonetheless!) Now I’m HOOKED! That meal planner would be WONDERFUL to use πŸ™‚

  55. 59

    Great idea! Pick me please!!

  56. 60

    this was already my new years resolution! perfect! πŸ™‚

  57. 61

    cute stuff! pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I have been trying to menu plan for two weeks now, by the way!)

  58. 62

    Oh! I stumbled on your website a few months ago and have really enjoyed the menus and musings. Meal planning has always been a challenge but the more I read, the more I’m inspired to do it. Thanks!

  59. 63
    Maria Pitts

    Okay…..the truth is I won’t meal on a weekly basis. However, I promise to continue our healthy eating on a weekly basis. πŸ™‚

  60. 64
    Angie K

    Oh My Goodness.

    I am doing this! Right Now! The framed idea. No excuses this year!!!!


  61. 65

    i am a meal planner but i love those cute tools!

  62. 66

    those look really fun! I might even do it! πŸ™‚

  63. 67

    I am taking the plunge!! Anything to make it easier πŸ™‚

  64. 68
    Jenny D.

    I love the scribble menus, such a cute idea! I’m adding the Ribba frame to my Ikea shopping list.

  65. 69

    I am meal planner fanatic. I used to use a blackboard but it broke when we moved so now it is a piece of paper from the shopping pad not so pretty. Will certainly start using one of your suggested planners. I am also trying to get my sister to start doind it to help her eat better and save some money. Have a great day πŸ™‚

  66. 70

    I love meal planning but don’t always get around to it -but the weeks i do go so much more smoothly & we eat more interesting meals!

  67. I need it! as my 2 year old would say

  68. 73

    Today in Italy was celebrate the festivity Befana I wish
    I found this planner in my calza.
    Would be’ very nice to’ start the new year like this ?

  69. 74

    Getting off to a slow start but I do resolve to plan more. I made a yummy turkey pot pie from leftover xmas turkey. My son’s proposal was can we have one meal a week where they didn’t have to try something new. Sure – he just has to make the dinner πŸ™‚ – with daddy if he’d like.

  70. 75

    Who wouldn’t want to plan meals with something that cute?

  71. You are so awesome! What a way to kick start the year! I try to do meal planning by the week myself. It doesn’t usually work because by the end of the week, what I have left doesn’t sound yummy anymore. But I’m trying!

  72. 77
    leah pagal

    i try to meal plan… maybe this will help me!

  73. 78

    That’s so cute! Hope I win, hope I win!

  74. 80

    YES!!! The OCD side of me thanks you!! What a lovely way to layout what usually ends up on ripped up paperbags (reuse)!!!

  75. 82
    Lisa Luczyk

    I do this right now, but my supplies are not as nearly as cute as this!

  76. 83

    i’d love to plan in style.

  77. 84

    Very cute and I could use them!

  78. 85

    that meal planning pad IS darling & would help me a lot

  79. I would like to throw my hat in the ring! My usual routine is to scratch a rough plan on the back of my grocery list so that I remember to actually buy the ingredients when I get to the store.

  80. Yes – Meal Planning is something that I need/want to work on this year. The stress it relieves!

  81. 88
    Marisa Schwartz

    I started my meal planning this week and it has been very helpful. Planning to continue, and this cute set sure would help! Thanks for your blogging efforts!

  82. 89

    I would love to win this and really give meal planning a go.

  83. 90
    Amy Skinner

    oooh. super cute. I need all the help I can get… cute things are more motivating.

  84. 91

    This would be a helpful motivation to do something I know I really need to improve at… πŸ™‚

  85. Sorry, missy…when you have teenage boys, there is no such thing as meal planning as they are likely to eat up the supplies before you ever get around to cooking them…unless, of course, you go to the grocery store every day! Right now you have girls…just you wait! I guess I can save it until they are out of the house:)

  86. 93

    Right now I use a 3×5 card for my weekly menu. This planner would be SO much more exciting to use and look at. πŸ™‚

  87. 94

    I SO need to do this!

  88. 95

    I brainstorm meals before I grocery shop but I never cook what I say I will…so I definitely plan to stick with it in 2010!

  89. 96

    This is truly one of my resolutions for this year – it is sometimes difficult with just my husband and 3-year old, since it seems that it should be much easier, but it’s not!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win!

  90. 97

    I LOVE meal planning, and I would LOVE that planner.
    I would love to start planning all of our meals, not just dinner.
    Thank you!

  91. 98

    I plan my meals each week–it’s a great way to stay organized!

  92. 99

    I always meal plan, otherwise we would never eat! great finds!

  93. 100

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. I am very excited to get started with meal planning. I used to try to do it for a while. Now, with my third child on the way I will need to do it to keep sane:)

  94. 101
    Jen M

    as a new mom and a full-time working professional, i LIVE for meal planning. it is my sanity!

  95. 102

    A tool to make lists??? LOVE it!! If I don’t win, where can I get it? Thanks!

  96. 103

    I am a compulsive list maker…I love meal planning, this would be awesome!

  97. 104

    this would be a good start to meal planning…before baby #4 arrives!

  98. I would love to begin planning my meals…and this meal planner is just the thing to get me started! PS- Love your blog!!

  99. 106

    I already do a weekly menu plan … well, for dinner at least … but it’s always on whatever notepaper I can find. Notepads, scraps that I find, etc. I’d LOVE to win the Whoops Bunny set to help me out and keep more organized πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year!

  100. I’ve been meal planning since I got married to my sweet husband Shawn. The only flaw, which I didn’t know was a flaw until reading your post, was I was writing my meal plans on ripped out notebook paper. Wouldn’t your giveaway be perfect for me? Thanks!

  101. 108

    This is great, count me in! πŸ˜‰

  102. 109

    Been doing the meal planning thing for over a year and a half now – can’t imagine NOT doing it.

  103. 110

    Ironically it was my NY Resolution…which is how I found this blog this week πŸ˜‰

  104. 111

    I’ve been planning for a few months now and it really does make my week less stressful. And it truly does not take that much time to do…do it the day before you do a trip to the store and that could be the only trip to the store you make that whole week…it’s awesome!

  105. 112

    I use a little tear off pad that has magnets on the back, available at my Michael’s for $1! They have Monday – Sunday on one half, and a shopping list on the other half. Works great for me!!

  106. 113
    Jenn E.

    Another great tip for meal planning, at least for those who work near computers all the time, is to use Google Calendar to do your meal planning. I do it that way and once a month I sit down and plan meals for the next month. I can look back and see what we had previously- what worked and what didn’t. You can also share your calendar with others (like your husband, parents or kids) with instructions and ingredient lists for the meals. You can also view the Google Calendar on a Smart Phone or iPhone (if you have one) while you’re at the grocery story to make sure you get all the right things. It’s worked GREAT for me, and trust me, I work outside my home A LOT!

  107. 114
    Nancy Deininger

    Hey Jane –
    I’ve been meal planning for a while – love your blog! When the kids were small we’d have a family meeting once a week so they could input their ideas into the menu – also that way they’d know that even if they didn’t like what was for dinner tonight that tomorrow they were having a favorite –

  108. 115

    I use a spiral notebook to make lists and menu plan. Something magnetic would be so much easier! I like the framed glass idea too. It would be so much easier to re-use something simple like a pre-made list!

  109. 116

    New Years Resolution #1 be more creative with my cooking, #2 actually cook again!!

  110. 117

    I took a nutrition class in college and the teacher really pushed for meal planning. I am so interested in starting to do this but have moved around so much in the last year I get overwhelmed and think it’s going to take forever to do! But even if I don’t get those nifty planning prizes, I’m still dedicated to begin meal planning!!

  111. 118

    These are both great ideas

  112. 119
    Wendy C

    Sounds like a great New Years resolution.

  113. 120
    Teresa R

    I have almost everything that has been mentioned. All I need to do is DO IT!

  114. 121

    Inspiration for my New Year – Love it!

  115. 122

    I am all about meal planning. This cute stationary would be a great help. Love them!

  116. 123

    I actually already plan my meals out, mostly because I grocery shop weekly and this keeps me in budget. I make a plan for seven days with the option of moving most of them around. I sometimes don’t feel like having X on Monday but sometimes X doesn’t work on Sunday’s either.

    I use excel to currently make my grocery list with prices and my menu list. One day if I’m ambitious enough I’ll write a program that automates a lot of my grocery shopping list from my menu plan. But that’s in the works lol.

    I’m new here but look forward to sticking around to get good tips!

  117. 124

    What adorable meal planners! I plan meals, but sometimes I lose the paper I plan on. These would save dinner.

  118. 125

    i plan meals on the same scrap paper as my grocery list and 9 times out of 10 end up forgetting and throwing the list away. it would be nice to have a pretty little reminder on the fridge!

  119. 126

    I try to meal plan every week – about 80% of the time I stick with it! Sometimes eating out becomes too tempting!! ;o)

  120. 127

    I was doing so well with my meal planning last year and then I don’t know what happened. But I’m definitely going to get back into it. Maybe having the planning list would be a good way to get me back into it. I love gear and stuff, it motivates me to do whatever.

  121. 128

    This is a great idea. It’s a good way to plan all what you need at the store for the whole week, so you are not back and forth. I also love keep track of what you eat. I think it’s a great way for knowing what you will cook, but also a great way to watch what you eat! Pick me!

  122. 129

    I’m resolved to meal plan. Now pick me.

  123. 130

    I have been trying for years to find something that works…this sounds like a great idea!

  124. 131

    I’d love to actually meal plan but have no clue except at 5 pm when we are all hungry & we try to figure out WHAT we are hungry for & try to make that… πŸ™ Maybe this would help us be better prepared, stick to a budget AND become healthier in the New Year!


  125. 132

    Meal planning is definitely on my resolution list. I need to be consistent!!

  126. 133

    How did you know? Can’t wait to get going with this!!

  127. 134

    I like the write on wipe off weekly meal planner! That might be a great compliment to my monthly meal planning protocol. Super cool! I’ll print it on my fancy dancy color printer tonight and pick up a frame and give it a whirl!

  128. 135
    AM Denton

    This would definitely help my boyfriend start planning the weekly menu! Easy to use!

  129. 136
    karen b.

    we do meal planning already but this would be a much better option than scribbling on little scraps of paper which inevitably wind up in the bottom of my purse or the recycle bin by accident.

  130. 137

    That is one of my resolutions for this year, before you ever even said so!

  131. 138

    We use meal planning in our home every week, otherwise we would eat out way too much!!

  132. 139

    I’m trying to do more meal planning now that we have a deep freezer!

  133. 140
    Peg C

    Isn’t organization wonderful to think about.

  134. 141

    I’m a planner. Oh wait…

    This will change that though!

  135. 142

    so cute. and i love making lists.. of any kind! πŸ™‚

  136. 143

    This could be super handy for me!

  137. 144

    I’m all about the meal planning!

  138. 145

    Just heard about your blog. Looks awesome!

  139. 146

    Great way to get new posters and additional inspiration!

  140. 147
    Jenny D

    I think I plan meals about 1/2 the time but I need to get better!

  141. 148

    It would be so fun to win this planner! Would get 2010 off to a great start.

  142. 149

    Jane not all that organized herself?!? I know otherwise:-) Great giveaway, Jane!

  143. 150

    I love that the example photo has chocolate listed for dessert and snack — my kind of menu planning!

  144. 151

    I could really use something like that. Great idea.

  145. 152
    Sarah A.

    I love meal planning as a way to help our family save money and this calender will be just the organizational tool I need for this year. thanks!

  146. 153
    Barbara Ann Baker

    Jane, pick me, pick me!!! Great encouragement to meal plan. keep up the good work!


  147. 154
    Connie Z.

    I’m a newleywed, so I’m new to meal planning. Thanks for the tips.

  148. 155

    I’m a relatively NEW meal planner — four or five months in to it — and it’s been great. I found your site recently and have already made several recipes! You ROCK! My current menu planner consists of whatever piece of paper is on my counter on Sunday afternoon and any pencil I can steal from my kids’ backpacks … this would be a BIG upgrade, for sure.

  149. 156

    Just found you from Pioneer Woman’s blog. Love your idea & blog – I have been trying to meal plan for a long time – with 3 little ones I am hit & miss – but the weeks I do it go SO MUCH better! Hope I win – but even if I don’t I’m looking forward to reading your site & meal planning! πŸ™‚

  150. 157

    Sounds like a good idea.

  151. 158

    I just stubbled on your blog from Budget Menus for the week- and I like this idea! I have always tried to do meal planning but for some reason or the other it always fails! We either don’t make it home in time to cook or we go out! It seems like I waste more when I plan… But you have inspired me to try again for 2010! Because I do waste more money by going to the store and also eating out and throwing away half of my groceries because we didn’t eat them! Thank you!

  152. 159
    Linda meziere

    Since I started planning my meals I have a lot less waste and a lot less headache wondering what to cook at the last minute. I plan my meals then I write out my grocery list and head for the store. It really works!

  153. 160

    I love meal planning, but I usually just write my 2-week menu on a scratch piece of paper. I need to new system. This would be perfect! Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  154. 161

    I’m kinda new to your blog and so far I’m loving it. Thanks for a very practical yet fun giveaway. You know we all need it!

  155. 162

    This would be good to add to the resolution, to make sure it sticks.

  156. 163

    Thank you for new menu ideas each week. They help keep variety in my meal planning πŸ™‚

  157. 164

    My mom and sister are both big meal planners and I should be as well. Thanks Jane for the suggestion to make meal planning a priority for 2010.

  158. 165
    Lindsey S

    I really need to get back into meal planning every week, it has gotten put to the back burner since I moved in with roomies! Now with me going to night school and yoga, I don’t get home til 8 or 9:30pm at night so I really need to start planning meals so I can slow cook or have a dinner planned when I get home. Thanks for the nudge πŸ™‚

  159. 166
    Heather P.

    I want to plan healthy meals for my family in 2010! No more cereal or make it yourself nights! Please help me!

  160. 167
    Elyse R

    I LOVED planning dinners (and even lunches!) ahead last year, but only ever did so when I was on break from semester. This year, however, i made the resolution to plan every single month no matter how busy I am- especially now that my boyfriend is also depending on me for a yummy dinner πŸ˜› I just found your blog tonight…it’s wonderful! Thanks πŸ™‚

  161. 168

    this is my new year’s resolution.

  162. 169

    I try to plan ahead!!!! honest I do!

  163. 170
    Kellene L

    I have been meal planning for awhile now. I am doing a month at a time because I am back in school in the evenings. I had to have it done so that my husband and I can see what needs to be done the night before and I also needed meals that could be prepared in the morning and thrown in the oven before I left for class. It has been a huge blessing. Now my husband can’t say “What’s for Dinner?” He just has to look at the calendar and if I am sick or gone…he can get to it!!!

  164. 171
    Jessica Hansen

    Ditto comment 125!

  165. 172
    Jen Schulte

    I am feeling lucky!

  166. 173

    I love cooking so much more when I’ve planned out our menu–and I do a pretty good job most weeks, but that planner looks really cute!

  167. 174
    Sara P.

    I use to be so good at planning my meals. I fell off that wagon over a year ago. That was the time I probably needed to be doing it most! I never thought of making that a resolution. I think I need to do some altering to that list!

  168. I need to save money!!!!!
    I would love one….
    And I can’t wait to make your Swedish meatballs…
    I have been waiting for a good recipe and that looks amazing…

    -Annes friend-

  169. 176

    I have been trying to get into meal planning… This might be just the help I need to get started! btw – I LOVE ikea’s swedish meatballs and yours look even yummier… I will definitly be making these πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  170. 177

    I’ve gotten terribly lazy about the whole, actual ‘meal’ thing ever since the obligatory holiday cooking ended.
    Planning should help, right? Right?! *sobs into keyboard*

  171. 178

    Meal planning (and especially healthy meal planning) is one of my goals for the year! I know it saves money and stress.

  172. 179
    Jenny Tadehara

    Very cool!!! I am allll about being organized!!! And I desperately need to start meal planning!! Helllp!!!

  173. 180

    All the reasons you gave are so true…and I especially love the shopping list part of this nifty gifty!

  174. 181

    thanks for being so inspiring!

  175. 182

    Funny you should challenge us to do meal planning – that is one of my many resolutions this year. I would love to have someone guide me on how to do this w/a picky, dieting husband. I only have to cook for 2. Where do I start?

  176. 183

    Thanks for such a great challenge! I’ve been dabbling with meal planning but this is just the needed boost I need to really dive in.

  177. 184

    I never seem to stick with my meal plannings. I would do it for a couple of weeks or so and then stop. I need something to help me to stick with it.

  178. 185
    denebug (reader Rachel)

    I always end of with three weeks of meals that I shuffle around with only a few novel recipes to relieve the monotony.

  179. 186

    What great prizes and I am so glad I found your site. I have been half way good at this but end up stopping because of the same old things. Now I have LOTS of inspriration. I am already working on next week!

  180. 187

    Fun. The new meal planning set would be much more exciting that what I use now.

  181. 188

    This would make menu planning so much more fun!!!!

  182. 189

    It took me 14 years to figure out an easy menu planning system for me. I am old and a pre-blog woman. Gotta love technology.

  183. 190

    Ooh…something I really should do. Especially with my second child on the way. Life is only going to get more hectic!!!

  184. 191

    Those are both cute ideas!

  185. 192

    We have started off our new year with a diet, knowing exactly what we are going to eat has made it so much easier.

  186. 193

    I so need this! I did make this a new goal for this year because everynight I struggle! That is even why I have just started following your blog! I hope I win and I hope this helps me!

  187. 194

    Menu planning was indeed my only NY’s resolution.

  188. 195

    if i win, i will surely start planning my weekly meals…how could i not?

  189. 196

    Baby #5 is on the way– I HAVE to start doing this!

  190. 197

    I’m in.

  191. 198

    I’d love this to help with my ORGANIZE My Life 2010 campaign πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the great info!

  192. 199
    brooke guerrero

    fun ideas, thanks for the free download!

  193. 200

    oooohhh…what a cool giveaway! I would LOVE to win!!!!

  194. 201

    This should be foolproof way to organize meals.

  195. 202

    Wow I am glad to find this site! I need help with saving money by meal planning.

  196. 203

    Those look awesome!

  197. 204

    Great way to get and stay on track with meal planning!

  198. 205

    Those would look so much neater than the dry erase board. I used to be great at planning meals, then baby #2 came along and my husband started an elimination diet. I need some encouragement!

  199. 206

    I really need that meal planning pad. I hope I win!

  200. 207

    I tried to make one of my own and it didn’t work out so well. Oh please, oh please random generator!

  201. 208

    Some weeks I am good and some weeks my family gets the same 5 ingredients mixed various ways. There’s definitely room for improvement.

  202. 209
    Jodi B

    I can usually plan for 4-5 nights a week, depending on what activities my children have. Would like to up that to 7.

  203. 210
    Lynn McCowan

    I use a spiral notebook every week to plan menus and then take that and make my grocery list. This is a much cuter idea!

  204. 211

    I love menu planning…
    Does anyone know of an iphone app that incorporates menu planning?

  205. 212

    I usually plan a week in advance as well. The contents of my weekly veg box and cupboards mostly help me make decisions about what we will eat.

  206. 213

    I love meal planning–and using the store circulars to decide what meals you’re going to use makes it even cheaper! Now my goal this year is to make a “menu” of everything our family likes to eat, so I can just pick from a list instead rummaging through my head.

  207. 214

    I’m going to have to be much more committed to meal planning this year because my husband and I have committed to not eating out and not buying prepared foods for the entire year! Daunting.

  208. 215

    What a great way to make meal planning fun!

  209. 216

    Meal planning helps ease the stress of busy schedules… I check in with your blog frequently for inspiration!

  210. 217

    We’d love to try some new strategies for meal planning.

  211. 218

    Aloha. Just discovered your blog. These meal planning tools are inspirational! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  212. 219

    I would love to find a way to keep things better organized. This seems like a great way!!

    • Posted on nice anyone ateditnng the Baltimore con this weekend, these are the ideal item to print out and leave randomly on tables, chairs, bits of empty floor, etc

  213. 220
    Emily P.

    This looks great!

  214. 221

    All right, I’m in! I soooooo need to start meal planning again.

  215. 222

    I love this – I am trying to do better with my meal planning.

  216. 223

    I would love to win the menu planner! Pick me!

  217. 224

    i want to organize and plan what’s for dinner! i love these! so cute!

  218. 225

    the notepad looks so cute and makes you want to be organized!

  219. 226
    Cheryl C

    I have been trying to get organized and start meal this would be helpful!!!

  220. 227
    Lisa Humphreys

    I have been using your site for about a year now and it has inspired me to plan ahead and get organized for our family meals! Thank you!

  221. 228
    Lisa Kovinchick

    I had been using e-mealz, but my kids are picky and won’t eat half the stuff I make. Using something like this planner might make it easier to make foods they’ll EAT…..and at no cost. Bonus.

  222. 230

    New Year, new attempt. We have a PB jar full of sticks with meal ideas written on them. The kids helped come up with the meals. Now we have somewhere to put the weekly ideas! Thanks

  223. 231

    I love that idea! I would love to win πŸ™‚

  224. 233
    Gaby Romero

    I echo all the folks who say they need all the help they can get. Neither my husband nor I like to cook, but lately we realized this was mostly due to the lack of meal planning (duh!). Now we’re more excited than ever to get our aprons on and make some super-delicious and healthy meals. Thanks to your website for inspiring us! πŸ™‚

  225. 234

    Wow, thanks again for this great giveaway! I started meal planning just two weeks before Christmas and I lost two pounds over the holiday. I’ve seen improvement in my attitude and my free time thanks to a little bit of planning and organization on my part. I’m hooked now. I would love the chance to find out/ learn more about meal planning. I am resolved to do meal planning this entire year!

  226. 235

    just found your site! awesome stuff here.

  227. 236

    Love the Whoops Bunny planner! I’ve been trying to do the weekly planning thing for a few months. It’s tough but definitely worth it. Love your site!

  228. 237
    Sumin Kim

    I don’t really meal plan so I need this planner. I’m always asking “what’s for dinner?”

  229. 238

    I plan a menu weekly, but I’m flexible on the days we make items. With four kids and me working as a freelancer, things come up. Life gets hectic. We just make sure we eat all the meals each week and use the leftovers in lunches or in different ways to get it all eaten. These planners are all extremely cute!

  230. With there teen boys I do meal plan. Although I haven’t done it the last couple weeks and find myself scrambling at dinner. So back to the routine!

  231. 240

    It’s definitely time to get back on track! These planners are very cute and would provide much needed motivation!

  232. 241

    Just in time.

  233. 242

    This would be such a great tool to help me out in my busy life. I go to school full time, work 3 nights a week, have a 14 month old and husband to feed, and clean the house. Half of the nights I am scrambling around trying to figure something out to cook for the night.

  234. 243

    Great meal planning tools!

  235. 244

    Wonderful website! I would love to win the meal planning tools!

  236. 245

    These would make meal planning more fun!

  237. 246

    This would be entirely classier and more functional than the back of my son’s spelling test!

  238. meal planning it is! Thanks!

  239. 248

    oh my! SUPER cute!

  240. 249

    Great tools for menu planning…sure beats my index card on the fridge!!

  241. 250

    Yes, this is one of my resolutions. I’d love to win!

    P.S. – I’m trying that tomato soup recipe tonight.

  242. 251

    What a lovely meal planner . . . and I just love to cook for my family every night!!!

  243. 252

    This would be a huge help! Plus, it’s easy on the eyes.

  244. 253

    I am going to try to meal plan each week, but it is Monday night and still trying to put something together. Tonight we had grilled steak, rissotto and zuchinni.

  245. 254

    Really want to get into meal planning. Tried it a couple of times last year, but then got lazy. I want to start doing it again. It makes life a lot easier.

  246. 255

    So helpful. I’ll take it!

  247. 256
    Ashley Lyman

    Meal planning makes my 5:00 a lot happier everyday. Pick me!

  248. 257

    Never thought about doing “meal planning”- My initial thought is – CORNY! but I’m totally digging it and am going to try. Placing the templates in a frame and using dry erase markers- brillant, would have never thought of it!

  249. 258
    Jana Barbay

    For many years I have been planning my menus. I began planning because I would get so frustrated realizing that I was missing key ingredients when I tried preparing dinner on the fly. I found that planning cut down on my grocery bill as well. I wasn’t purchasing duplicate items etc. I also want to point out that in my planning I do not assign certain dishes to certain days. I find that with our ever changing schedules, I cannot plan this way. So..I come up with 8-10 entrees, along with side dishes etc. And..depending on the day will choose which recipe will be feasible. I usually have ingredients for a meal or two left over and I just incorporate that into the following weeks menus.

  250. Meal planning is one of my resolutions, however, I desperately need help with it! This would be a great start!

  251. Holy Batman, your website popped up in my search engine when I was looking for meal planning tips. It was an amazing surprise to find this website and post all in one go! To tell you the truth I have been trying to take the plunge and start meal planning for about a year now. I just didn’t know where to start or how to do it without eating junk. I would love to win , I think it would be a huge kick in the behind to actually start… But having your website is helping me get there too.

  252. 261

    I hate coming late to the party but i love meal planning just copied and pasted the planner, think i will print it on card stock and laminate it for sticking on the frige and use with my dry erase markers!

  253. 262

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