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  1. Thursday, November 14, 2013

    Call for Recipes: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade and Lots of Other Stuff, Too.

    I’ve been totally neglecting my blog this week. I’ve been sick. Yep, I’m making excuses. Everyone feel sorry for me now. No, really, DON’T. But I do miss you all!

    call for recipes: lemon recipes |

    It’s been a little while since our last Call for Recipes, so I think it’s time for another! And, today’s theme is LEMONS!

    Our neighbors graciously gave us a big bag of lemons from their tree in Palm Desert. In addition to the gifted lemons, my own lemon tree is about to burst forth with fruit. I have a feeling the Maynards are going to have a lot of lemons in our near future.

    call for recipes: lemon recipes |

    To save my family from being served only lemons on Thanksgiving, I need you to share your best lemon recipes! I already put a call out for ideas on Facebook, which was incredibly helpful. However, it made me think we need a place to share actual recipes with one another. So, here we are!

    Share your favorite lemon recipes! Savory, sweet, cleaning “recipes,” anything! Feel free to type out the recipes or just share links, anything is game!

    I’ll start with my delectable lemon bars. Now, your turn!