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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Show and Tell

Happy Friday! Happy August!

la natural history museum by @janemaynard

I don’t have anything particularly awesome to share today because I just spent three hours getting new tires on my car. Because I drove over a construction tool on the way home from the beach on Wednesday. And, you know what? As much as it all was completely inconvenient and expensive, I never freaked out. I remained surprisingly calm. On a related note, a few nights ago I got pulled over for not stopping completely at a stop sign and, again, was calm and collected. My friend Barbara said I was “cool as a cucumber.” (In the end no ticket, luckily!) So, I guess my big share today is that maybe I’m getting a little more zen than I used to be. Maybe. I am trying. Because, honestly, even when the crappy stuff happens, what do I have to complain about? I got to hang out with my kids this week, work at jobs I love, go to the beach, look at stuffed animals (literally) at the natural history museum with little people who for some reason just really love taxidermy. It’s all good, popped tires and all.

Okay, time for some fun food links!

On Babble, my kids and I tried another one of the Dishes by Disney recipes:

And all kinds of yumminess on Cosmo:

Please share your own thoughts/links/blog posts/accomplishments/anything!


  1. We just got back from Hawaii on Tuesday night, so I’m kind of balancing in between Zen vacation mode and back to real life stressed out mode.

    This week I posted a fun kid’s craft that kept my kids occupied on the plane.

    My daughter’s birthday party is this weekend, so those ice cream cakes look perfect for the occasion!

    • hawaii – so fun! that’s gonna be a painful transition 😉

      that kids’ craft is a great idea – love it!

      let me know if you do an ice cream cake!

  2. Looks like a busy week. I’ll have to work on my Zenness to keep up.

  3. 3
    Rachel U

    Excited to make some of those ice cream sandwiches!

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