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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jamie’s “Divine List” of Jane’s Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

Two weeks ago my cousin Jamie was in town with her family. While they were here we cooked a few meals and, the entire time, Jamie was keeping a running list of must-have kitchen gadgets in my kitchen that she didn’t realize were must-have kitchen gadgets until she used them. She calls it the “divine list.” I know for a fact she’s already bought a few of the items and I don’t doubt she’ll have them all before the month is out!

This is not an exhaustive list of all the things I love and couldn’t live without in my kitchen, but all the items that Jamie added to her divine list are some of my favorites that we use all the time, so I figured it would be fun and helpful to share her list! You know, in case you feel like shopping today, which I’m sure you do because when doesn’t one feel like shopping?

dreamfarm scizza pizza scissors |

The Scizza
I wrote about the scizza last December and proclaimed my love then. Jamie simply caught a glimpse of the scizza and was excited about it. Once she actually used it, she was officially in love. You can get it from Dreamfarm. Jamie was also impressed with Dreamfarm’s garlic press, the garject, but the scizza is what really stole her heart.

margherita pizza on wood pizza peel from @janemaynard

Wood Pizza Peel
While Jamie was here, what started as me throwing some pizzas together turned into a mini class for Jamie. I didn’t realize I have so many little tricks when making homemade pizza. Jamie is trying to convince me to do a video showing how to make pizza. Maybe one day if I actually get some makeup on I’ll think about it. Until then, one of the secrets to cooking great pizza is having a wood pizza peel to transfer the pizza to the stone in your oven. (That sentence alone opens up a Pandora’s box of pizza baking tips, but I’m resisting the urge to go into more detail. I promise to share more another day!) Anyway, I love my wood pizza peel. One of the reasons it’s so great is because it has a rough, unfinished surface. The cornmeal spreads so evenly over this surface and it’s a cinch getting your pizza into the oven. It also has a nice-shaped tapered edge (see photo). I’m not sharing any links for where to buy a wood peel because I can’t really tell what the surfaces are like from looking at photos online, so get out and do a little shopping to find your own perfect peel.

tortilla warmer from @janemaynard

Tortilla Warmer
I love my tortilla warmer. Jamie loves my tortilla warmer. It’s the best. Read more about it here.

manual glass juicer from @janemaynard

Manual Glass Juicer
This is a timeless kitchen gadget. I love my manual glass juicer, perfect for when I need to juice something for a recipe quickly. The little ring of knobs in the center catches all the seeds and the juicer itself catches all the juice, which you can easily pour. I received my particular juicer as a wedding gift. There are tons of these out there, just make sure you get one with the little knobs.

le creuset butter crock from @janemaynard

Le Creuset Butter Crock
I will not rest until all the world owns a butter crock. Butter Bell makes a nice version, but I love Le Creuset’s even more. Read more about it here.

That’s it! Jamie’s divine list! Happy shopping!


  1. That tortilla warmer makes me homesick for good Southern California Mexican food, specifically the hot plate fajitas that used to be so popular!

    • I just read a funny article by a British reporter who was writing in regards to the Martin-Paltrow split. it was a “if you marry an american, this is what you need to expect” and one of the things was that Americans think there should be Mexican food EVERYWHERE. it made me laugh. but it’s the best! what was funniest about a Brit saying that is I felt like we lived in Europe just living on the east coast when it came to good Mexican food. I’m sure you must miss it a ton! but you have all the pickled herring you could ever want, so no complaining 😉

  2. I have a Pampered Chef garlic press I love, but I think I’d like the Garjet even more.

  3. 3
    Jen Schulte

    I also got the Le Creuset salt crock this year for Christmas and I LOVE it. That perfect pinch of salt is always where I need it (kosher of course) and no more using a measuring cup which was my prior method. Thought you might like it too!

  4. OK, I need all of these, especially that butter crock.

  5. 5
    Michelle in Missouri

    I have a butter crock, but in the warmer months, the butter won’t stay where it is supposed to, and I find the butter molds way before it does in just a butter dish.

    • I think if you live where it gets hot and humid, you really have to stay on top of switching out the water in the crock – and use the butter more quickly than in the winter. I personally have only used it in california, we don’t have the weather extremes, but I know our family in places with normal weather do use the crock all year and love it, but it is definitely different in the summer! oh, and you really have to be sure there are no air pockets, although if it’s super hot and the butter is way too soft then that probably wouldn’t matter. 🙂

  6. 6
    Rachel U

    A tortilla warmer is a dream!! I should ask for that for my birthday this month!

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